Upcoming Events

In Pskov and the surrounding areas, there are a number of local events taking place year round. We have listed some of the most interesting traditional celebrations and cultural events here.  Allow us to organize a tour so you can join!

June 10-13.   Isaborg - Festival of Medeival Culture

During this time, the ancient castle of Izborsk becomes a battlefield. Young members of historical societies dress as medieval knights and replicate battles that took place on Pskov land centuries ago. This event is truly a lot of fun, strongly recommended!

July 6.  John the Baptist night (Ivan Kupala), Izborsk

Allthough occuring on a Christian holiday, Ivan Kupala is more of a pagan, pre-Christian celebration.  Izborsk, with it's beautiful nature and folk traditions, is a place to be on July 6. Traditional dancing by the fire, flower crown making, burning idols and swimming in the lake are integral parts of this colorful holiday. We can bring you there and you can see it yourself, it's definitely worth it.



July 22.  Opera based on Pskov tales in the Pskov Kremlin

Pskov medieval tales inspired a famous Russian composer Rimsky -Korsakov to create an opera which he called "Pskovityanka" (a Pskov Girl). We invite our guests to view this spectacular performance in the Pskov Kremlin. 


don't miss!

August 28. Ethnic and Folklore Festival in Sigovo Village

The International Ethnic and Folklore Festival "Slavic Keys" will take place in the small village of Sigovo located 30 kilometers from Pskov. Various ethnic and folklore music groups from nearby villages and regions of Russia and Estonia will be performing traditional local music in national costumes. The event is run by the Izborsk municipality and the Pskov department of culture with the goal to preserve the unique cultural heritage of Setos living in the Pskov region and Southern Estonia. Many visitors from Russia, Estonia and Latvia will be paticipating in this colorful and lively event. There will also be traditional games, an exhibition of local and Estonian painters, and a trade fair.



*Paloma Tours is organizing trips to the Slavic Keys festival. If you would like to join, please contact us and we will organize your visit.


October 1. 5th International Contest of performers of Instrumental Music



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