Ten reasons to visit Pskov
  • Atmosphere: quiet authentic Russian town, the true spirit of Russia
  • History: one of Russia's oldest cities
  • Value weekend: great value hotels, choice of nice restaurants serving authentic food
  • Relax: spas and aqua centers
  • Traditions: get introduced to century - old folklore traditions and participate in local celebrations
  •  Sailing: sail away on the third largest lake in Europe, discover islands
  • Outdoors: scenic nature, clean air, guided bird watching, hiking
  • Cultural history: Russia's most recognized poet Alexander Pushkin's family estate is here where he was inspired to create his poems
  • Religion: One of the treasures of Russian Orthodox Church, Pskovo-Pechorsky Cave Monastery is here.
  • Accessibility: It's easy to combine your tour to Pskov with Novgorod and Saint Petersburg, and with Baltic States Estonia and Latvia

ВЫБОР ТУРА СТРАНЫ Горячие ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ Добро пожаловать в Псковский регион Welcome to Pskov