Adventure trips

Include naturalist, birdwatching, biking, hiking, sailing, and skiing trips. Accommodation is at rustic but convenient guest houses near places of interest. Near Izborsk, there is a traditional Russian pancake house where guests can sample delicious Russian dishes.

  • Biking/ hiking tours - You will stay in the picturesque Izborsk valley. The company provides an instructor, mountain bikes, and maps of the region pointing out the spots of interest. This is a very enjoyable scenic tour where you can see a traditional Russian  village and many historic and natural sites. You will fall in love with this place! Strongly recommended.


  • Sailing tours - Sailing on Pskov lake, the third largest lake in Europe.
    You can stay in Pskov or at the comfortable guest house with own kitchen by the lake near a forest, where guests can rent boats and try game meat at a local restaurant.


  • Birdwatching tours - This is an exclusive trip for bird lovers. A convenient bus will take you to Pnyovo- a point located in the forest about 40 kilometers from Pskov with an abundance of wild birds. There are bird watching towers, and experienced ornithologists will guide you and explain the types of birds, show nesting areas, etc. It's a lot of fun for those who love nature!!



  • Skiing Tours - Skiing at a modern ski resort with scenic views.  We provide equipment and instructors are available.

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