Paloma Voyage

Paloma Voyage is one of the most reputable travel firms in Pskov, running tours since 1991. Tatiana Schultz, the founder of Paloma Voyage, is an experienced English - language tour guide. She loves her city and has been sharing its treasures with guests from all over the world for the past 35 years. One of the services the company provides are weekend and adventure tours for foreign visitors to the Pskov region and cities of the northwest: Novgorod and St. Petersburg. In 2011 Paloma Tours will celebrate its 20th jubilee.



Our mission is to relieve our customers from the stresses of every day life through adventure and new impressions obtained during a memorable journey.

We position ourselves as a differentiated provider of reputable weekend and adventure tours for expatriate families and adventurous foreign visitors visitors to the Pskov region.

Our core values are superior customer service, reliability, experience, and professional competence.

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